Doing What you Need

“Simplicity is the outcome of technical subtlety. It is the goal, not the starting point.”

Maurice Saatchi

Simplicity – Building Consultancy Limited is made up of a group of experienced multidisciplinary professionals, including in rehabilitation and sustainability. We work as a team, providing the tools and professional opinions to make an integrated, sustainable and balanced decisions.

The team has been involved in multiple projects such as:

  • Integrated Logistics Systems, Portugal
  • Housing and Apartment Complexes, Portugal and Saudi Arabia
  • Multiple Sustainable Rehabilitation Buildings, Portugal
  • Various EIB/KNX Systems, Portugal
  • Multiple Construction Management, Design Management, Project Management, Macau Saudi Arabia and Portugal
  • International Airport, Macau
  • Gamming, Macau
  • Resorts, Macau
  • Hospitality, Macau, Portugal and Saudi Arabia

We are available to schedule a meeting to jointly analyze what Simplicity can do to help you achieve objectives in Macau or elsewhere.

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