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Pre-Design and Design

There are often advantages to obtain construction expertise during the early planning stages of a project.

Selection of a design team

Based on historical experience in the market, can assist in selecting the most qualified design team to develop project plans and specifications, also assist in evaluating various potential construction sites.

Budget and Cost Estimating

Preliminary budgets, based on historical data for similar projects, assist in determining the feasibility of initial scope. More refined estimates are developed during the design process to pinpoint the necessary construction budget, and provide a basis of comparison to contractor bids.

Constructability Review

Review of design plans and specifications will help the owner verify that the design as presented is clear to the contractor, poses no construction conflicts, and is economically feasible to build.

Value Engineering

Multi-disciplined team reviews project features to ensure that the owner’s necessary functions are provided in the most cost- effective way, both in terms of initial and life-cycle costs.

Contract Bidding

Assist the owner in pre-selection of contractors and development of the bid package to ensure that the contractor selection process is fair and provides the best value to the owner.

Construction Inspection and Surveillance

Examination of project performance on a continuous or periodic basis to review progress, ensuring compliance with specifications and plans, and to review housekeeping and safety issues.

Project Controls

These services are provided to ensure that the project is efficiently and effectively managed. They include maintenance of project correspondence, conducting progress meetings, handling submittals and requests for information, documentation of progress, review of pay requests, schedule reviews and schedule updates.

Change Order Review

These services include negotiation of change orders with the contractor, coordination with the designer over design changes, determination of responsibility for changed conditions or coordination conflict, and review of price and schedule changes.

Project Closeout

Review of the project to ensure orderly and timely completion, including development of defect lists (snagging/punchlist); monitoring of implementation, training and warranty periods; resolution of outstanding issues; review and analysis of claims or disputed issues.

Building Maintenance

Facilitate scheduling and planning tasks so that a clear, concise priority is assigned to proactive maintenance and corrective tasks, and assist on Run-to-Failure activities.

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