“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”

Isaac Newton

Site Supervision / Clerk of Works

  • Site Supervision Reports
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports
  • Completion, Defect and Omission List & Reports
  • Non-conformity List & Reports
  • Clash Analysis List & Reports
  • Construction Bid/Tender Analysis Report
  • Immersive 3D Virtual Tours and/or 360 Virtual Tours
  • Interactive 3D Render Virtual Tours

Project Management

  • Design:
    • Coordination, Clash Analysis and Compatibility
    • Material Submission
    • Requests for Information
    • Shop Drawing
  • Programme:
    • Progress Status
    • Delay Notification
    • Handover
  • Construction:
    • Method Statement
    • Material Submission
    • Inspection & Test Plan
    • Non Conformity
    • As-Built Review

Building Development

  • Sustainable Development
    • Feasibility Plan
    • Building/Urban Rehabilitation
    • Sustainability Plan
    • Scope Coordination
    • Material Sourcing Analysis
    • Building Technology Plan
    • Maintenance Plan
    • Building Life-cycle Plan
  • Architectural & Interior
    • Feasibility Plan
    • Building/Urban Rehabilitation
    • Architecture and Thermal Analysis Plans
    • Interior Design and Natural and Artificial Light Analysis Plans
    • Carbon Footprint Analysis
    • Waterproofing and Sound Insulation Plans
    • Fire-rating Plans
  • Engineering (Structural and MEP)
    • Feasibility Plan
    • Structural Plan
    • HVAC and other Mechanical Plans
    • Electrical and Power Consumption Reduction Plan
    • Plumbing and Water Waste Reduction Plan
    • Drainage and Water Recycling Plan
    • Building/Urban Rehabilitation
    • Preservation and Pathology Correction Plan
    • Landscape
    • Building/Urban Rehabilitation
    • Feasibility Plan
    • Climatic Resource Plan
    • Vegetation Resource Plan
    • Landscape Maintenance Plan

Building Maintenance

  • Maintenance Plan
    • Definition of activities performed to retain and restore a building functionality, tasks such as cleaning, landscaping, and electrical system maintenance, preserving a safe, functional, and comfortable environment for the users:
      • Routine maintenance
      • Maintenance testing
      • Diagnostics testing
      • Maintenance documentation
      • Safety procedures
    • Reliability Center Maintenance (RCM) Accessment: Risk Based routines, predictive and preventive maintenance) and Conditions Based (corrective maintenance).
  • Equipment List
    • Set the list the required equipment for each task.
    • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) definition, implementation and management
    • Cyclic Enhancement
    • Enhancement based on operator feedback and maintenance people, industry publications, industry forums, industry standards, seminars, workshops, classroom training, reference guides, and peers that you network with through industry organizations.
    • Assist in an implementation of an adjustment plant based on the judgement.
  • Team Management
    • Actively communicate changes and special activities to those who may be affected.
    • Team building activities setup.

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